Sunday, July 31, 2011

Phoenix Contact’s PCB Terminal Blocks Save Time & Money

Find out how PCB terminal blocks and PCB connectors from Phoenix Contact create value-added solutions and reduce installation time and cost when landing discrete wire onto a printed circuit board.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Jefferson Electric Transformers Include Terminal Lugs

Jefferson Electric Transformers Include Terminal Lugs!

Franklin, WI – All standard, ventilated Jefferson Electric transformers (75kVA and smaller) now include terminal lugs.

The terminal lugs are: mechanical style, electro-tin plated and UL listed to 90°C. They support aluminum and copper wires, up to a 600V connection and have a chamfered wire entry for easy installation of wires.

The lug kits are attached at the factory and are also available for purchase separately to support common voltage and kVA combinations. Attachment hardware is included with separate lug kit purchases.

For more information regarding Jefferson Electric, visit

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Harger Lightning & Groundings Ultraweld® UltraShot® Is Re-defining the Exothermic Process

Harger Lightning & Groundings Ultraweld® UltraShot® is re-defining the exothermic process. UltraShot® utilizes a copper container that is consumed along with the weld metal providing for a superior exothermic connection. UltraShot® is fired by an electronic ignition system which consists of a long lasting rechargeable battery controller. This unique ignition system features a six foot cord that allows the user to maintain a safe distance from the reaction. Several advantages of using UltraShot® over conventional processes are labor savings up to 50%, less misfires and less smoke, safer to use and extended mold life. As compared to another product on the market, the long lasting rechargeable battery life is equal to using 84,000 AA batteries! Thats a lot of batteries to put in a land fill. There is also less waste from not using plastic weld metal containers and the product is shipped in bio-degradable cardboard boxes.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Arlington’s Recessed Box for Flat Screen TV’s

Arlington's new Steel Recessed TV Box™ (TVBS505/TVBS507) is the best way to create a flush-to-wall appearance for flatscreen TVs, appliances, and more. Now available in 2- and 3-gang (4-Gang - TVBS613), we have a box that will suit your power and low-voltage needs!

Please visit our site for additional information:

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hubbell-Automation New High Bay Motion Sensor

Hubbell Building Automation, Inc. Announces HBA WASP2™
Fluorescent High Bay Occupancy Sensor Product Line

January 2011 – Austin, TX – Hubbell Building Automation, an industry leader in the development of cutting edge occupancy sensing technologies and products, announced today the release of the HBA WASP2 Fluorescent High Bay sensor product line.

Designed specifically for high mounting applications such as warehouses, distribution centers, and similar facilities, the HBA WASP2 sensors provide significant energy savings in addition to those typically associated with T5, T5HO and T8 fluorescent fixtures. By using this new sensor, facilities with fluorescent fixtures can expect an additional energy savings from 50 to 90%.

The new HBA WASP2 sensors provide the same key features as its predecessor – single and dual relay versions, easy to configure daylight sensors, and HBA’s exclusive Smart Cycling™ technology that maximizes lamp and ballast life by ensuring that all lamps received even burn time. New enhancements include:

Improved Design – The sensor now comes in two separately orderable components: sensor modules available in low voltage and line voltage versions, and easy to install interchangeable lens options for area and aisle applications.

Surface Mount Versions – In addition to the end mount version which easily mounts directly to fixtures through an extended ½ -inch chase nipple, HBA WASP2 now includes a surface mount version.

Built-In Daylight Sensor – To take advantage of the natural daylight in a controlled area, all models of the HBA WASP2 sensor feature a built-in photo-sensor to override lights off when there is sufficient ambient light. The surface mount sensors have a downward looking sensor and the end mount sensors include downward and upward looking sensors.

Low-temperature/Water-tight Versions – The HBA WASP2 sensor is also available in low-temperature/water-tight versions to support freezer applications and wet location applications. This special version of the sensor modules and lenses are IP65-compliant.

Building Automation System Integration – All low voltage HBA WASP2 sensors include an isolated relay with N/O and N/C outputs for easy integration with HVAC or Building Automation Systems.

For more information about the Hubbell WASP2 product, go to:

About Hubbell Building Automation
Hubbell Building Automation, Inc., headquartered in Austin, TX is a subsidiary of Hubbell Incorporated (A Delaware Corporation). Hubbell Building Automation draws on over 30 years of lighting control experience. As the leading developer of groundbreaking technologies in lighting control panels, HID and Fluorescent controls as well as occupancy sensor controls, Hubbell Building Automation manufactures a complete suite of energy saving lighting control solutions. For further information about Hubbell Building Automation, please visit our web site at or contact us directly at {888} 698-3242, {512} 450-1100, or Fax {512} 450-1215.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Arlington's Gangable Plastic Boxes

Forget the old, time-consuming way of making a multiple-gang steel box out of several single-gang steel boxes. Arlington's GANGABLE plastic boxes save time and money - you'll save more than 1-1/2 minutes on a four-gang box alone!

Please visit our site for additional information: htttp://

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hubbell Safety Evaluation for Identifying and Correcting Safety Hazards

Shelton, Conn. – Hubbell Wiring Systems announces a new Safety Evaluation, a step-by-step checklist designed to help customers enhance safety in the workplace. Part of Hubbell’s comprehensive HubbellSafe safety initiative, the new Safety Evaluation is aimed at reviewing the condition of existing wiring devices to identify potential safety hazards and comply with the latest safety codes.

From wet areas, personal protection, and tripping hazards, to temporary power, motor disconnects, and safe repair and maintenance, the Safety Evaluation covers a wide variety of safety issues found in both industrial and commercial working environments. For each potential safety hazard, the Safety Evaluation poses key inspection questions and details related National Electric Code (NEC), NEMA or OSHA requirement. To help correct identified problems, the Safety Evaluation offers possible solutions based on Hubbell’s wide range of products designed to provide electrical safety and code compliance.

“Workplace safety has a significant impact on our customers’ businesses, including employee safety and productivity, machine downtime and production throughput,” says Bob Simon, Director of Industrial Marketing for Hubbell. “Having always put safety first, Hubbell understands the importance of making safety a core value by conducting periodic inspections and maintaining awareness of related codes and regulations. While not all-inclusive, Hubbell’s new Safety Evaluation is designed to help our customers avoid safety problems in the workplace and ultimately reduce risk.”

The new Safety Evaluation is part of Hubbell’s broader safety initiative that includes several resources, including a safety product guide, new landing page on the website and an interactive e-learning course. The new Safety Evaluation is available from the Hubbell Wiring Systems website safety landing page. It can be viewed online, downloaded in a PDF format, or ordered as print copy. To access the Safety Evaluation and learn more about Hubbell Wiring System’s safety initiative, visit the landing page at

Friday, July 15, 2011

Leviton Revolutionizes the Submetering Industry!

Engineered to provide the best performance in the industry - accuracy, communication, installation and support - Leviton sets the standard. 

The New Leader in Submetering, Leviton includes superior product features at no additional cost:
  • ANSI accurate current transformers (CTs) deliver superior revenue-grade accuracy for high-quality, long-term reliability.
  • Built-in communication features allow for future automation without an additional investment:
    • Isolated pulse output channel and RS-485 serial port for easy
      AMR/BAS/BMS system interface
    • Series 1000, 2000 & 3000  feature native
      ModBus RTU standard
    • Series 2000 and 3000 support advanced communication protocols: ModBus TCP/IP, BACnet MS/TP, BACnet IP and LonWorks
  • Exclusive reverse phase power and load LED indicators visually confirm that the product is properly installed and functioning
  • UL 916 Listed for Energy Monitoring Equipment, available in an indoor steel or outdoor NEMA 4X enclosure at the same low price 
  • Automated data collection solutions and energy reporting/analysis software to easily and intelligently manage energy consumption
  • Open architecture platform provides for easy integration with third party AMR/BAS/BMS platforms
  • Backed by the best warranty in the industry at 10 years
  • Unmatched support from a name you’ve known and trusted for over a century with the largest distribution and customer service base across the country
Only Leviton offers a single source for integrating energy saving solutions for measurement & verification (M&V) and occupancy sensing, dimming and relay lighting controls.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hubbell Wiring Systems New Lighting Dimmers and Fan Speed Controllers

Shelton, Conn. – Hubbell Wiring Systems is pleased to announce that it has added three new tradeSELECT® control devices to its comprehensive line of incandescent dimmers and fan speed controllers. Each device is designed to provide precise control with a special purpose in mind, while offering an aesthetically-pleasing look to compliment any d├ęcor.

A cost-effective option for today’s modern interiors, the new Hubbell TradeSELECT slide lighting dimmer provides a full range of dimming with slide activation—the slide easily slides up to brighten and down to dim. A final push downward of the slide opens the air gap switch for a positive off. Available in white, ivory and light almond, the 600 Watt, 120 Volt slide dimmer features a thin heat-sink design for low-profile installation.

Also available in white, ivory and light almond with a thin heat-sink low-profile design, the new Hubbell TradeSELECT Omni slide dimmer provides precise control over the full range of dimming. The 600 Watt, 120 Volt Omni slide dimmer features an on/off button integrated into the slide. An additional 3-way lead enables single-pole or 3-way capability in a single device for reduced inventory.

The new Hubbell tradeSELECT rotary fan speed controller is a step up from basic 3-speed controllers. Available in white, ivory and light almond, the rotary fan speed dial provides 100% variable control of fan speed to provide more precise airflow for a given environment, enabling better interior airflow management.

See more from Hubbell at

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hubbell Ultra High-Density FCR Series Fiber Enclosures

Hubbell Premise Wiring is pleased to introduce a new optical fiber enclosure that offers a 144-port configuration in a 1U space for ultra high-density data center applications.

Part of Hubbell’s FCR Series enclosures, the new 1U high-density fiber enclosure features a three-drawer ultra compact design that provides a flexible, scalable and reconfigurable interconnect apparatus for a wide range of fiber distribution applications. Each drawer accepts four ultra compact 12-port LC to MPO cassette modules that enable channeling of network traffic into small diameter (3.0 mm) 12-fiber cables to minimize congestion, while providing scalability to 40 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet applications through standard MPO backplane connections.

“Today’s storage area networks, advanced fiber interconnections and high-density fiber switches in the data center require space-saving solutions to accommodate maximum fiber ports in a 1U space without compromising accessibility,” according to Jon Lutzen, Senior Product Manager of Optical Fiber Systems. “Hubbell’s new high-density 1U fiber enclosure is the perfect solution to provide density and consolidation, with a simple plug-and-play design for rapid deployment and timely network start-up.”

Available in gray or black, Hubbell’s new high-density 1U fiber enclosure fits easily into 19-inch or 23-inch racks and cabinets. Typical applications require only one enclosure per rack, allowing maximum space for active equipment. The compact LC to MPO cassettes and 12-fiber MPO cords are available in OM3 and OM4 grade multimode, and singlemode optical fibers to support the full range of current and future optical network applications.

See more from Hubbell Premise Wiring products at

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hubbell Outdoor LED Lighting Products

Laredo LMC


Full Cutoff Architectural Wallpack LAREDO LMC Applications

•New! Laredo LMC 18LED and LMC 30LED fixtures provide low installation costs with little or no maintenance and great energy savings. Ideal for schools, factories, hospitals, warehouses and retail applications
•The mid-size LMC is the perfect solution to effective and neighbor-friendly lighting, IDA compliant
•Laredo LED fixtures feature 50,000 hour rated life with a minimum 70% lumen maintenance
•"Quick Mount" adapter allows one person installation without ever opening the luminaire, adapter mounts to wall box and after wiring connections are made, fixture is secured to the adatper
•The Laredo LMC-18LED is available with battery back-up for Egress applications
•Rugged die-cast aluminum housing and door with weather tight protection
•Photocontrol option provides energy-saving, automatic on/off for dusk-to-dawn lighting
•The Laredo LMC Series is designed for mounting heights from 10-18 feet. The soft corner, sloping styling with side rib accents complements a wide variety of building facades.


•Full cutoff, Dark Sky compliant perimeter lighting meeting the strictest lighting codes.
•Decorative cast aluminum housing and door. Rugged protection for internal components. Provides heat sink and long ballast life.
•Full cutoff distribution - flat glass and segmented reflector provide wide spread with an environmentally-friendly light control. Standard on HID units, removable 'comfort shield' reduces forward beam projection while maintaining lateral throw, if desired.
•Vertical lamp position (lamp is optional) provides maximum performance and life.
•LED version features 18 – 5000K high CRI LEDs, 44.5 Watts and 2039 lumens
•The compact fluorescent version features one or two lamps and can be ordered with optional ballast battery backup of one lamp for emergency egress applications.
•Three point lag over recessed wiring boxes. Three 1/2" conduit hubs allow feed-thru surface wiring capability. LED units feature "Quick Mount" never open the fixture installation. No conduit hub access on LED units.
•Wide selection of wattage and source including pulse start and electronic metal halide.
•U.S. Patent No. D563,587.


•Wet listed

Monday, July 4, 2011

3M™ Grafoplast™ TRASP System - Overview

This manual system offers tough marks assembled in the shop or the field without computer or printer. Its pre-printed alphanumeric character elements are loaded into clear sleeves to mark wire, cable assemblies, terminal blocks and devices inside panels.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Arlington's Steel Stand-Off Bracket

Arlington's B44 - 20 gauge steel stand-off bracket - provides rigid support and spacing for a 4x4 metal box installed with all types of raceway systems. Complies with 2008 NEC, overcoming code violations. Provides box support independent of conduit.

Please visit our site for additional information:

Friday, July 1, 2011

Phoenix Contact Diode Power Supplies

MIDDLETOWN, Pa. – Phoenix Contact’s new Quint Diode power supplies are designed for redundant applications that require isolation and N+1 redundancy. Versions are available for use in both 12-24 V DC and 48 V DC operations.

The power supplies’ housings are made of extruded aluminum for improved cooling and longer service life. This also decreases the heat load in cabinets.

The Quint Diodes use MOSFETs, rather than Schottky or silicon diodes used in most redundant power supplies. These MOSFETs are up to 70 percent more efficient than standard diode components. This limits the effect of a diode module on the load of the power supplies.

The Quint Diodes carry UL 508 Listing as well as Class I, Division 2 Listing, making them well suited for installation in critical process industry applications.

About Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact develops and manufactures industrial electrical and electronic technology products that power, protect, connect and automate systems and equipment for a wide range of industries. Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG, Blomberg, Germany, operates 47 international subsidiaries, including Phoenix Contact USA in Middletown, Pa. Phoenix Contact’s formal Integrated Management System is registered to ISO quality, environmental and safety standards (ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007).

For more information about Phoenix Contact or its products, visit, or call technical service at 800-322-3225, e-mail

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