About Electric Pilot

About Electric Pilot      

ElectricPilot.com is an electronic website used by electrical contractors and electrical distributors as a resource for accessing industry information.  It’s recognized as the most accessed, complete, reliable and user friendly site.

Electric Pilot was founded for the purpose to provide Contractors and Distributors access to manufacturer’s current product information for estimating and purchasing solutions.

Electric Pilot is also a great resource for accessing and print Manufacturer’s catalog pages or specifications data sheets for producing professional Project Submittals, fast!

A little history about how ElectricPilot.com came about:

During my High School years, I worked part time for an electrical contractor and one of my responsibilities were to insert weekly updated pages into the Biddle Book, the Trade Service Price Book.   I thought at that time there has to be a better way.

When I owned an electrical contracting business, we subscribed to the TRA-SER program, the electronic price book.   It was a huge step from the Biddle Book however there were times when it did not provide enough product information to make intelligent buying decisions.
In the purchasing cycle for buying electrical parts the first task is to identify the exact product and then go after price and availability through local distributors.

As a representative of Trade Service I was chosen to represent them at NECA & IEC Conferences and Trade Shows plus NAED conferences.  I met a lot of people in the industry and collected many business cards throughout the years. In year 2000, I left Trade Service and through internet searches plus gathering content information from other sources I built databases with an easy to use search and introduced ElectricPilot.com to the industry in 2001.

ElectricPilot.com has content, extensive contact and is updated daily.
Electric Pilot’s depth of content consists of over 4,000 Manufacturers, 6,000 Distributors and over 10,000 Contractors.  Once a company within ElectricPilot.com has been identified the actual company listing includes Company Name, City, State, Phone Number and all listings shown in blue are web linkable.  Just click on any field within a listing to be redirected to the company’s website. 

The front end search was built with simplicity. The fastest way to access a company listing is just type their name in Company Search + Go.  Visitor can always go to Manufacturers search which is sorted Alpha. One of the most popular searches is Category Search where-as visitors can just click on a category, as an example click on Lighting Fixtures to view over 370 Lighting Fixture companies.  All of the category listings have redirect features.

Added Value
Recently ElectricPilot.com introduced “New Product Releases” which contains new product videos from leading Manufacturer’s in the industry.   It’s a way for industry leaders to view new innovative products to labor saving solutions to cost effective products.  Plus it’s a great platform for manufacturer’s to communicate their new products to the industry.

ElectricPilot.com is the fastest growing and one of the most visited site by contractors & distributors in the industry. Plus it offers the broadest array of digital information available, all of which is fully searchable.

Electric Pilot has exhibited in several trade association trade shows.   In 2006 Electric Pilot received the National Electrical Contractors Association Show Stopper Award at its Trade Show.  Highly honored award!

Business Model
The ElectricPilot.com business model has always been to offer company listings free of charge. Our model is to generate revenue from companies wanting to advertise their products and company to the electrical industry within the Electric Pilot website.

For more information, go to www.ElectricPilot.com or contact me at 707.486.3800

Alan Wulff
Electric Pilot
Benicia, CA

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